Mons Royale

Mons Royale, a leading manufacturer of technical underwear and outdoor clothing, is all about the perfect fusion of functionality, quality, and style. Their products are meticulously designed to elevate your outdoor experience, whether you're on the mountain, cycling, or exploring nature's wonders.
With its origins in New Zealand, Mons Royale draws inspiration from the country's rugged wilderness and unique climate. They craft their garments to withstand the harshest conditions, making them your trusted companion no matter where your adventures lead.

What sets Mons Royale apart is their commitment to selecting premium materials that provide the ultimate blend of comfort, protection, and durability. Their signature merino wool-based underwear, in particular, is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It keeps you warm and dry while remaining exceptionally soft and breathable. This makes it the perfect choice for those long days on the mountain, cycling excursions, or any outdoor pursuit.

Mons Royale offers a wide range of products for both men and women, including underwear, mid-layers, jackets, pants, and accessories. As a brand, they epitomize the harmony of performance and fashion, ensuring you're not just equipped for your outdoor adventures, but you look good doing it too.


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