DU/ER Jeans

The DU/ER Jeans story began in 2013 when founder Gary Lenett made a life-changing decision: he switched from commuting by car to cycling to work. But soon, he faced a problem that many active individuals encounter – his regular pants just didn't cut it. They lacked the flexibility needed for cycling and the style for the workplace.

That's when the idea struck Gary: he envisioned creating pants for the "doers" – pants that were equally suited for outdoor adventures, climbing walls, or a stylish Friday night dinner. The result was DU/ER Jeans, a brand born out of necessity and a commitment to combining comfort with versatility.

At SCANDINAVIAN DISTRIBUTION, we're true believers in these remarkable pants, and we think you should give them a try too. DU/ER Jeans are designed to empower individuals who embrace life with action and style. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, mobility, and fashion – it's time to experience the DU/ER difference.


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